We fund TV shows


Krempelwood brings new money to TV enabling broadcasters to commission more shows and to commission above tariff 

Commission More


 We help producers get shows made which would otherwise not be commissioned 

Make More


The Krempelwood model of programme funding allows media agencies and their clients to profit from investment in original TV programming.

A Better ROI

Successfully financed over 30 original series in the UK


Blair and Mark, long-time friends and collaborators, set up Krempelwood in 2008 as branded content agents for production companies. The business enjoyed many successful broadcast and online commissions before evolving into the programme finance business it is today. 


Blair Krempel

Blair is an instinctive entrepreneur who has successfully pioneered businesses at the crossover between the worlds of advertising, programme making and broadcasting.

After 12 years in ad agencies Saatchi & Saatchi and WCRS, he set up Sponsorvision, the first branded content agency in the UK offering advertisers media and creative services in TV sponsorship and advertiser funded programming.


Mark Wood

Mark is a pioneer of advertiser-funded innovations in broadcast and online programming. He previously worked at 19 Entertainment as Head of Brands, Sky TV as Commercial Director overseeing sponsorship, afp, online and interactive advertising. 

Before that he co-funded WoodLynds, which pioneered the sale of sponsorship for Channel 4 and various satellite channels. He was a director of Thinkbox at its launch.

Krempelwood is now developing it’s business internationally

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17 Lonsdale Road, London, NW6 6RA, United Kingdom

mark@krempelwood.com (+44) 07802 201 692 blair@krempelwood.com (+44) 07831 675 676